accra academy library

The Accra Academy Library, also known as Aglionby Library, was named after an Anglican Priest Rev.  Aglionby,  who donated his personal Library books to the School for the establishment of the Library.

Objective: The Library’s main objective is to complement the School’s academic activities by making accessible to its users both physical and electronic learning materials.

Administration:  The Library is currently managed by a two member staff:   Mr. Francis Akoto-Wereko—Deputy Chief Librarian, is in charge of General Administration of the Library, Acquisition, Processing—Cataloging and classification, and Dissemination of information.

Mr. Komla Adetsu: a teacher who has been seconded to assist the Librarian, is in charge of Lending, Clientele services, General Library duties, and information dissemination.

Library Committee:  There is a Library Committee which helps in decision making and oversees the activities of the Library and the implementation of decisions.   

Services: The services the Library offers include: a place for reading, lending of books to both students and Staff, and assisting users to locate relevant materials.

Library Hours:  The Library operates between 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM during working days.

Current programme:  To help improve students’ standard in the English Language, the Library has recently introduced a Reading Programme which is currently running on a pilot basis.