Department of Languages

The Department of Languages comprises three main areas – English Language, French and Ga.

English Language is a core subject offered by all students of the school. Literature in English is offered by students in two of the three General Art Classes.

These classes are General Art 2 and 3. These classes also study French and Ga as alternative areas. Literature in English, French and Ga are elective subjects.

Currently, there are thirteen (13) teachers in the Department whose academic and professional qualifications range between first and second degrees.

Activities carried out by members of the department include the following:

  1. Writing of teaching lesson notes
  2. Teaching
  3. Quizzes (internal and external) for students
  4. Supervision and invigilation of end-of-term and final examinations.
  5. Marking of class exercises and end of term exam papers.
  6. Departmental and staff meetings
  7. Club activities
  8. Teacher – Association Conferences
  9. Vacation school activities


Mr. Anthony Armah, HOD, Languages Dept (2)

Mr. Anthony Armah, HOD