Our Achievements

The story of Accra Academy is one of sacrifice struggle, survival and success. It took the personal sacrifice of the founding fathers to the point of some sacrificing their salaries for a number of years to see the school through turbulent years of struggle to survive.

Today, Accra Academy stands as the success story of what a vision carefully nurtured by devotion, dedication, discipline and perseverance can achieve. The four founding fathers, all the members of staff, both teaching and non-teaching, the Board of Governors, the Parent-Teacher Association and all well-wishers who have been witnesses to this drama of a sixty-year journey will acknowledge with joy that the seed sown by the founders indeed fell on fertile ground and have yielded many worthy fruits.

Many old students of the school occupy enviable positions in and outside the country: -public servants, diplomats, politicians, jurists, doctors, engineers, university professors, lawyers, teachers, chiefs and business executives and a host of others. Perhaps the most notable achievement is the election of Hon. Paul Boateng, an old boy, into the British House of Commons