Nana Akuoku Sarpong Hall of the Accra Academy was officially commissioned on September, 2011as the sixth Hall of residence. The name was partly on the recommendation of the Board of Governors in recognition of Nana Akuoku Sarpong’s works, support and achievements to the school.

Nana Akuoku Sarpong Hall, formerly known as the GetFund Hall, comprises of ten rooms, two masters’ bungalows and two washrooms mainly for the students. The Hall was designed to accommodate 230 students with two masters. The Hall has an ultra modern ICT center to cater for the academic needs of the students.

The motto of the Hall is “Above all others” which was chosen during the 83rd Anniversary Celebration of the school.

With the support of the Hall P.T.A , the hall can boast of amenities such as a generator, pumping machine with polytanks and the latest being the ICT center which is the first of its kind in the country, to enable the students improve on their competencies in ICT. These are the Hall masters who have and are managing the affairs of the hall since its establishment.

Mr. P.K Mensah       2011-2014

Mr. Michael Addo   2014-2015

Mr. Fredrick Antwi- Siaw 2015- Date.

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